Glass and Glazing

Britannic Trade Frames Ltd can offer you any type of glass and glazing product available. We stock in house, sheet glass that can be cut to size as you wait. Providing an excellent service for temporary glazing, emergency glass, green house glass and single glazing.

We can offer many differnt glazing solutions including;

Double glazed sealed units

Toughened safety glass

A rated equvilent sealed units

Roof glazing with solar reflection properties

Self cleaning glass

Sound reduction, acoustic glass

Integral Blinds

Britannic Trade Frames Ltd offers integral blinds within sealedd units from Sun Shade blind system. Sunshade Blinds provide a range of integral blinds to suit both commercial and residential properties.  They provide great privacy, heat and sound insulation as well as being aesthetically pleasing.  They are also know as integrated or interstitial  blinds.

The actual venetian blinds are encapsulated within the double glazed unit.  This means that they are protected from the natural dust that permeates every room.  Consequently, the blinds always have a pristine look with no dust or grease on them.  This makes them virtually maintenance free.

With the latest glass coatings and Argon gas filling, the double glazed units give improved solar control and prevent UV degradation. Giving total privacy and light control, and having a fourteen colour pallet, integral blinds are perfect for every type of vertical doors and windows in all domestic situations and commercial premises. The double glazed units with integral blinds are ideal as replacement sealed units and for retro fitting.”

Sealed units and Glass

Integral Blinds


Energy Rated Glass

Our standard range of glass conforms to building regulations and can be upgraded to A Rated specification upon request. One of the most significant changes to new Part L of the Building Regulations for England and Wales is the introduction of the Window Energy Ratings (WER) as an alternative method of compliance for replacement windows.

A window's rating is determined by a formula which takes into account available solar heat gains (window g-value) and subtracts the thermal losses (window U-value and air leakage). The resulting value (energy index) is then placed into a band on an A-G scale consistent with other energy performance labels already familiar to the consumer.

Specialist Glazing

We can supply glass and glazing solutions for a whole range of special projects that you may have and our highly tained staff can advise on which product would best suit your needs and your project.

Balustrades Glass

Banister and Stair Glass

Coloured Splashback Glass

Shower Screen Glass

Decorative Glass

There are many different ways to add a unique look to your windows by adding decorative glass and glass features such as;

Georgian Bar

A method of bespoking the windows by visually dividing the glass units into small panes by insertion of a white or coloured shaped bar in between the glass panes.

Astragal Bar

An alternative method of bespoking the windows by visually dividing the glass units but achieving a more traditional effect. This is achieved by having back to back spacer bars, (Duplex Spacer) between the glass panes and covering these, both internally and externally, with PVC Georgian Bars. Use of an Astragal Bar system gives you the true effect of a Georgian window. Although the sealed unit remains in one piece the internal divide effect gives the impression of multiple units.

Square Lead and Diamond Lead

Square lead and diamond lead design mimics the way that glass used to be glazed int windows, giving the property a trraditional feel. The lead is applied to both sides of the outside piece of glass in a double glazed unit prior to assembly. Please note the lead is only ever applied to one of the two pieces of glass making a double glazed unit. The inside is usually left as clear glass in order to make internal cleaning easier. Coloured film may be used between the lead to create patterns and pictures often used for a glazed panel in entrance doors.

Decorative Lead Designs

Simple or ornate bevel designs add an eye-catching new dimension to previously unassuming windows, whilst creating a jewel effect adds an extra-special wow factor to a room. Trailing bay sets will celebrate the sweeping elegance of a bay window, and your front door, the centre point of the front of your home can be enhanced in all sorts of enticing ways by the addition of decorative glass

Georgian Bar

Astragal Bar

Square Lead/Diamond Lead

Decorative Lead Designs


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